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"Changing the Food Environment in Baltimore City: The Baltimore Health Carry-Out Intervention", Seung Hee Lee, PhD, MS, Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health


"Latino Education In Baltimore: Reaching Children Through Their Parents"
Co-Authors: Will Sankey and J.B. Wogan, 2nd Year Masters in Public Policy Students, Johns Hopkins University, Institute for Policy Studies


"Removing Firearms from Abusers Through Temporary Protection Orders: Baltimore City's Newest Policy"
Julia O'Connor, MPH, MSW, Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Social Work

"Maryland Arts and Entertainment Districts: A Process Evaluation and Case Study of Baltimore"
Co-Authors: Cailin McGough and Paul Messino, 2nd Year Masters in Public Policy Students; Johns Hopkins University


"A Lighter Future for Baltimore City: Using Schools in the Fight  Against Childhood Obesity"
Natalie Draisin; JHU, B.A. in Public Health-Social Sciences expected 2010

“State of Emergency: Providing Oral Health Care Services to Low-Income and Medicaid Populations in Baltimore City.”
Harvir Kaur; JHU, B.A. Political Science expected 2011


First Place: An Integrated Approach to Recovery from Drug Addiction: Creating Linkages Between Drug Treatment and Employment Services in Baltimore"
Co-authors: Emma Tsui, MPH--PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Health, Behavior, and Society) and Lainie Rukow, JD, MPH PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Health Policy and Management)

Honorable Mention: Justice Undone: Examining Arrests Ending in Release Without Charges in Baltimore City"
Sarah L. Brannen, MPP Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies

"Detention Alternatives as a Solution to the Problems with the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center"
Jennifer M. Prichard, M.A.--PhD Candidate, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Psychology)


First Place: Order-Maintenance Policing in Baltimore: The Failure of 'Broken Windows' as a Police Strategy" Blake Trettian, B.A '06 (Economics and Political Science, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences)

Click here to read about Blake Trettien's research in the Fall/Winter 2006 issue of Arts & Science magazine.


First Place: “Youth Violence Prevention and Reduction: Strategies for a Safer Baltimore,” Rachel Brash, MPP’04

Second Place: “The Impact of Zero Tolerance School Discipline Policies in Baltimore City,” Brecht Donoghue, MPP’04

Honorable Mention: “Baltimore City Infant Mortality: Leading Causes, Risk Factors, and Policy Solutions,” Eric Ding, B.S.’04 (Public Health Studies, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences)

Honorable Mention: “Reducing the Latina Teen Birth Rate in Baltimore City,” Tilly Gurman, MPH, Sc.D. (Population and Family Health Sciences, Bloomberg School of Public Health)


First Place: “Vacant Properties in Baltimore: Strategies for Reuse,” Eric Friedman, MPP’03