masters of public policy


Why a Masters in Public Policy?

Public policy is the discipline that unites schools of politics, economics and sociology. To master the study of public policy is to prepare oneself for both the worlds of thought and action. Graduates of public policy go on to lead and shape the world at local, state, national, and international levels. At Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies, public policy courses are designed to provide advanced understanding of economic, political, and ethical analysis skills policy professionals require to manage and lead effectively.

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Why a Johns Hopkins MPP?

The Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies provides an ideal setting in which to pursue an advanced degree in public policy. The program offers the many advantages of Johns Hopkins:

Johns Hopkins Is A World Class University

The Johns Hopkins University, founded in 1876 as the first American research university, is a world-class institution with exceptional faculty and students. Its early reputation for excellence in medicine, public health and health policy now extends to virtually every field. The university remains committed to research of the highest quality. MPP students have access to the extraordinary array of talent and resources at Hopkins through small classrooms, seminars, and many interdisciplinary activities.

The Institute for Policy Studies is a Leading Research Institution

The Masters of Arts in Public Policy Program is located in the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies, the university's primary policy research and teaching arm in the social sciences. The Institute boasts a distinguished staff of policy professionals covering economic development, housing and urban policy, human resource development policy, and all other major social issues. It stands at the cutting edge of policy research, including the non-profit sector in the U.S. and abroad. The large number of ongoing research projects leads to rich opportunities for research assistantships, internships and study.

Baltimore, Maryland, is an Ideal Location to Study Public Policy

The Institute for Policy Studies has an ideal setting for the analysis of social issues. Baltimore is an old industrial city with strong neighborhoods and a handsomely redeveloped Inner Harbor. While its harbor is lauded for sparking an urban renaissance, the city continues to grapple with the problems of contemporary urban life. For policy students, the city becomes a working laboratory. Baltimore is located only 30 miles from Maryland's capital in Annapolis and less than an hour by train or car from the nation's capital. Senior policy officials from federal, state and city agencies, Congress, think tanks, and public interest groups participate actively in the MPP program. Students observe policy processes at every level and become personally acquainted with city, state, and federal decision-makers. Through involvement in the Institute's research projects and internships, students have an opportunity to help affect policy as well.