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195.477 Introduction to Urban Policy (3), Dr. Sandra Newman
This seminar surveys key urban policy challenges and opportunities faced by U.S. cities. Course topics include a critical analysis of the continuing viability of cities in the context of current economic and demographic dynamics, fiscal stress, governance, economic development, poverty and race, drugs, homelessness, federal urban policy, and survival strategies for declining cities.
Cross-listed with Political Science, Sociology, Public Health Studies, Geography and Environmental Engineering, and Africana Studies

195.478 Urban Policy Internship (3), Dr. Sandee Newman - must be taken with 195.477
Students are placed in internships that match their interests and goals, and work at least 12 hours per week in a government agency or nonprofit organization.  Their work experience, class reports and final internship paper are designed to provide a "real world" understanding of the challenges of implementing the policies they explore in the seminar.  Internship Placements, 1999-2008

180.351 Labor Economics (3), Dr. Barbara Morgan
The economics of the determination of earnings and the allocation of labor. The theory of labor supply and labor demand will be developed, and then applied to questions of income distribution, unions, government intervention in the labor market, and discrimination. If time allows, the relation between unemployment and inflation will be discussed.

BA/MA Program in Public Policy