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April 2009

David Altschuler was a panelist at the “Supporting Youth in Transition to Adulthood: Lessons Learned From Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice” symposium in Washington, DC sponsored by the Georgetown Center for Juvenile Justice Reform and the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative.
The Center for Civil Society Studies welcomed Bill Burckart (MPP’08) as its new Nonprofit Research Project Coordinator for the New Frontiers in Philanthropy Project. Prior to joining the Center, he was a consultant to Venture Philanthropy Partners and an editor for a business publication in Shanghai, China.
IPS welcomed back Giulio Giovannoni, a Compagnia di San Paolo-sponsored Urban Fellow from University of Florence, who is continuing his work on the interaction of housing prices and land/building regulation.
The Listening Post Project Advisory Committee and staff met with a staff member of the White House Office of Social Innovation to discuss ways in which they could work together effectively.  The Listening Post Project held a second Roundtable on nonprofit advocacy and lobbying in Chicago, Illinois, where nonprofit executives and advocacy experts discussed innovative ways in which nonprofits could become more involved in advocacy and lobbying.
Demetra Nightingale attended an Urban Institute Press Editorial Meeting, in Washington, DC.  She was a guest lecturer at the George Washington University, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy, graduate class in Program Evaluation in Washington, DC and a guest lecturer on the public policy process at an undergraduate class on sustainability given by the Johns Hopkins University Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.  Nightingale gave a lecture, “Integrated Services to Support Workers,” at the World Bank’s Special Forum on Employment Policy, in Washington, DC.
Burt Barnow, Sandee Newman and Demetra Nightingale participated in various components of the Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management’s spring meeting in Washington DC.  Burt represented the MPP at the Institutional Representatives session, Sandee attended the meeting of the APPAM Policy Council, and Burt and Demetra attended the Saturday session.
Demetra Nightingale and Burt Barnow participated in a working session and discussion about the Recovery Act, Green Jobs, and Funding Prospects for Non-Profit Organizations at the Center for Urban Families in Baltimore, Maryland.



March 2009

David Altschuler was a panel speaker at The Intersection of Juvenile Justice and Poverty Symposium on “Reentry and Aftercare for Incarcerated Youth,” at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC.
Scott Holupka received the 2008 Editorial Award from the MD-DE-DC Press Association for the article, “Dundalk by the Numbers: Increase in older population more dramatic in some areas,” published 10/02/08 in the Dundalk Eagle. He was awarded the 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award from Dundalk High School and the 2009 Citizen of the Year Award from the Optimist Club of Dundalk.
Sandee Newman participated in meetings of the MacArthur Foundation's Committee on Housing and Families with Children in Laguna Beach, California and in the first meeting of the 2009 APPAM Committee on the Fall Research Conference. 
Lester Salamon met with officials at the White House Office of Social Innovation to discuss nonprofit policy initiatives.

January/February 2009

The Listening Post Project hosted a meeting in Tarrytown, New York to discuss a nonprofit policy agenda for the Obama administration.  The resulting document, “Forward Together: Empowering America’s Citizen Sector for the Change We Need,” has nearly 200 signatories consisting of nonprofit leaders and experts.  A website has been launched ( that features the full text of the document, a form for individuals to add themselves as signatories, and suggested action steps.  The Listening Post Project released the results of its recent survey, which sought to gauge the credit crisis’ effect on nonprofit shovel-ready projects.  The report, “‘Shovel-Ready’ but Stalled: Nonprofit Infrastructure Projects Ready for Economic Recovery Support,” includes responses from the 1,837 participating organizations that identified over 1,000 shovel-ready projects stalled by the inability to secure funding.
Sandee Newman participated in the winter meeting of the Advisory Board on the German Marshall Fund’s Comparative Domestic Policy Project.

Marsha Schachtel was invited to testify at a Baltimore City Council’s Community Development Subcommittee hearing on CC 08-0077R - Baltimore City Green Collar Jobs Creation Coalition, which calls on the Mayor to create such a coalition.  She was elected to the board of Greater Homewood Community Corporation, which strengthens neighborhoods in north central Baltimore by improving education, supporting youth development, and advancing economic development and community revitalization.  She also became a member of the Johns Hopkins Community-Based Learning Group.
IPS welcomed a new International Urban fellow from the Institut d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme de la Région d’Île-de-France (IAURIF), Laure Thevenot.  Her research will focus on workforce development programs. IPS also welcomed back Håkan Forsell for a short visit.  Håkan is a Riksbankens Jubileumsfond International Urban Fellow who visited IPS last academic year. 

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