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From time to time, IPS staff publish commentary on current issues. Click below to read what they have to say.


Rethinking a Neighborhood Maxim
Kevin Sottak

U.S. Nonprofits Stressed but Coping, Survey Finds
Mimi Bilzor

Property Seizure Program on Track
Laura Vozzella

Nonprofits Get Down to Business
Dianne Davenport

Many Charities Raised More Money in '03, but Costs Grew Even Faster, Survey Finds
Stephanie Strom

For Some Unemployed, Isabel Offers a Windfall
Sewell Chan

Baltimore Isn't Working Because its People Don't
Jamie Smith Hopkins


It's Just the Ticket for Presidential Trivia Buffs
Joseph R. L. Sterne

Baltimore Parents Must Hold Schools Accountable
Caroline Amport

Sandtown's Rebound
Douglas Sahmel

Bush and His Party Fight Over Housing
Kerry Hillis, Monical Leal and Lauren McSwain

Racial Disparity Still Haunts Housing Market
Anders Hoerlyck

Changing Assumptions

Bush's Tarrifs too Weak to Stabilize Big Steel
Jason Shultz