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Affiliated Faculty

The research and academic nature of public policy is interdisciplinary.  As such, our Institute and Masters in Public Policy Program collaborates with faculty in other disciplines at Hopkins, other Universities and researchers in Baltimore and Washington, DC.  The following list represents some of the researchers with whom we are currently working: 

Bob Balfanz - Education Policy, Center for Social Organization of Schools

John Boland, Ph.D. - Environmental Policy, engineer and economist

Andrew Cherlin, Ph.D. - Social Policy, Department of Sociology

Matthew Crenson, Ph.D - Department of Political Science

Ruth Faden, Ph.D - Bloomberg School of Public Health and SOM

Michael Giandrea, Ph.D - Economic Policy, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Robert Moffit, Ph.D - Economic Policy, Department of Economics

Vincent Navarro, Ph.D - Social Policy, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Curt Ventriss, Ph.D - Environmental Policy, University of Vermont