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If you missed it: audio recording of Jim O'Shea

If you missed this fall's Press & Public Policy Seminar, don't fret: We have the recordings below. The first link includes Jim O'Shea's entire speech. The second includes all the Q&A session the followed.

By way of background: Jim O'Shea is the author of a new book, "The Deal from Hell," which describes the merger of the Times Mirror and Tribune media companies and how that business transaction contributed to the downfall of several of the country's most prominent newspapers. Among them: the Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, and Los Angeles Times. O'Shea is a former managing editor of the Chicago Tribune and former editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times.

O'Shea's speech:

O'Shea's Q&A session:

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Thanks for providing this record, I believe that many people appreciate highly this and say thanks from everybody's name! :)
# Posted By Lilly London | 2/3/12 3:21 AM
I actually had a chance to browse through The Deal from Hell and must admit O'Shea makes some good assumptions and accurate details on the merge, yet staying impartial enough.
# Posted By John Holiday | 2/3/12 4:30 AM
I have heard great things about this book, I hope I can have the chance to read it soon! Thanks for sharing this audio file!
# Posted By Tina Relocation | 2/6/12 4:45 AM