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The IPS Blog gets social

Hey there, reader.

I just wanted to make sure you knew that the IPS Blog is making itself available on multiple platforms, so you can get the latest IPS news in whatever way suits you. Follow us on Twitter
@TheIPSBlog or at our Facebook page, The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) Blog.

We'll be repackaging content from the blog, to be sure, but our social media accounts allow us to broaden our horizons a bit, too: 

- We can relay current research and policy-related news coming from organizations like The Brookings Institution and media outlets like The Atlantic Monthly.

- If an upcoming seminar speaker is publishing work, we'll be able to post links ahead of time, so students can get a taste of what the person does and why it matters.

- When someone from the blog is at a policy-related event, we'll be able to upload audio recordings, so even people who couldn't attend have a chance to hear the talk.

- We hope to interact directly with readers. If, for example, we're trying to drum up interest for the Abell Award for Urban Policy in Baltimore, we can ask for problems in the city that require policy solutions and see what our Twitter followers think.

If you have suggestions on ways we can make the blog more useful or ideas on how turn it into a better platform for policy discussion, please email us at

As always, thanks for reading.

- J.B. Wogan '12 IPS Blog Editor

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That's great news because this way all the information can be much more accessible than before and we can share it way more effectively.
# Posted By Lesley from London | 2/6/12 7:54 AM